How to use this blog

Like the steps here, may be taking you somewhere you may at the end like or not.

“This blog may not be of any use at all”.


However, though the value of this space is determined entirely by your ability to appreciate some body else’s existence and then another ability of yours to recognize the level of difference we hold in such existence.




  1. tjam Is myself with ‘myBlog’ and “my_photogrphy” category which I use for my day-to-day amusement updates and pictures I shoot.
  2. newsreadr: supports the current affair. (Again myself for a clearer binary functionality.)


Note: The pictures are resized for lighter loads and credit tagged.
Please feel free to ask for raw copies, of course still tagged. 😉


All the information here are secondary results sourced from :

  • P.I.B. 
  • Wiki 
  • Google Searches,
  • [save categories ‘myBlog‘.]
  • Pictures attribute: ©thoidingjam







I read here and spend time with myself inside this place.

You are welcome here as well.