Its been a fortnight…

Since the last time I wrote something for myself. Over the fortnight stuffs happened and I did some non-programmed decision making. First off, I am delaying by two more months on my plan to start my Magazine; even as the print ready file exist by now. Second, I dropped my Ph.D. Third, I switched States. … Continue reading Its been a fortnight…


For law and order… in the red corridor

Indian Government’s new policy is found to be paying dividends in containing Left Wing Extremism The "National Policy and Action Plan" This plan is a multi-pronged strategy involving security and development related measures. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has been implementing this plan since the year 2015, to combat Left Wing Extremism (LWE). … Continue reading For law and order… in the red corridor

Former Finance Minister of India’s tabular comparison of India and China

______________________________INDIA_________________CHINA Population (2017):_______________1,324 mn______________1,410 mn GDP USD per capita(2017)__________1,852__________________8.583 Total Labour Force (2016)__________520 mn________________785 mn Cereal Production (tonnes)_________277 mn________________580 mn Steel Production (tonnes) __________101 mn_______________831 mn Merchandise export (2017)_________274 Bn_______________2,137 Bn Literacy (percent)__________________73_____________________99 Universities in Top 100_______________0_____________________6 Foreign Exchange (reserves)________421 Bn______________3,140 Bn Army Troops_____________________1,395,100_____________2,183,00 Navy Ships__________________________87__________________317 Air Force (aircraft)__________________809________________1,528 Medals in Summer Olympics, 2016____2_______________________70  

National Capital Region is on BS-VI fuel from today

No, its not an April fool prank. BS-VI is equivalent to EURO-VI grade fuel having mere 10parts per million of sulphur against the 50 ppm of BS-IV. In 2015, India had made decision to skip the BS-V norm and dive head first to walk the talk of showing its INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contribution), drawing … Continue reading National Capital Region is on BS-VI fuel from today

Legislation on payment of gratuity

Employees of any establishments in India, employing 10 or more persons, will have been affected by the new amendment in the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 (amendment bill ) 2018 which came into force on the 29th March 2018. Meaning, whereas, earlier the cap of the gratuity was fixed at 1million INR (India Rupee) it … Continue reading Legislation on payment of gratuity

Kaziranga Rhinos

A census taken recently in the State of Assam (Northeast India), a total of 2,413 rhinos have been found at the Kaziranga National Park (up from 2401 in 2015 - "a dozen"). Of these there were 1641 adult rhinos which includes 793 females and 642 males. Number of sub-adult rhinos aged between 4 to 6 … Continue reading Kaziranga Rhinos

Hackathon in India

India is hosting a Smart India Hackathon (a Software version) for the students to solve sets of problems and codify their innovation. And one of the problem to solve was to make Examinations leak proof. To be fair, India has had a lot leakage of question papers or posers in the exam locations. (Most recently, … Continue reading Hackathon in India

Your time at the Taj Mahal will be regulated

Like I mentioned in the previous post 1st April signifies a beginning, and represents a frame of reference to start a new (in this land). Perhaps in that spirit, the Archaeological Survey of India (responsible for maintenance of historical monuments in India)  will be regulating the time of visit to the Taj Mahal starting this … Continue reading Your time at the Taj Mahal will be regulated

A request from a fellow being not close by – listen.. this. Spoiler : Drops at 00:38 Lyrics on Genius dot com [Verse 1] So full of desperation I can barely stand the rotation I can hardly start to speak, I'm weak I feel the past in my voice But dream I'm naked and alone (all alone) I'm feeling weak {Chorus] What have we- What … Continue reading A request from a fellow being not close by – listen..

On Nationalism

The 7th of December 2017, traveling via train for close to 50 hours, I was in IITGuwahati taking an entrance test for admission to its Ph.D program. After the screening with the written phase, me and 5 others were put through interview round. The day before and the weeks before it as well I had … Continue reading On Nationalism