1st April is ….the start of India’s Fiscal (Calendar) year.

In one of the Public Enterprise classes, Asst.Prof. Ramachandra from Osmania University made a light-hearted comment on how our Fiscal year starts on April fools day. =The height of coincidence.= There is nothing to it, its a date. A convenient one. The message is, India Fiscal Calendar starts 1st April of a year and ends … Continue reading 1st April is ….the start of India’s Fiscal (Calendar) year.


Compassion / Quote / Roger A. Lewin

"When we have found our own center, we find that we are in much easier reach along shorter internal pathways of a much wider range of our experiences. So we are more available within ourselves for the intuitive attunement with others from which compassionate action arises." From the book "Compassion: The Core Value That Animates … Continue reading Compassion / Quote / Roger A. Lewin