New Public Administration a continuation of Public Choice Theory?

In light of the then prevailing geo-political world scenario at the macro level and growing complexities of the govenrnment’s administration corresponding to the eve changing needs to be fulfilled context of administration has legitimately attempted to evolve. New Public Administration which the Western countries had propogated sowed the seed of functional flexibility , utilised intensively by presen day administration in India. Such an element which found relevance tell date was a clear deviation from the post second world war scenario that casted doubt over govenrment to an extent of denouncing its monopoly.

Conveniently, the denial of holistic approach , policy selection based on economic parameters , meritocracy in Public Choice Theory which became the reason of its demise went on to become the area of relevance after rectification for New Public Administration of which Public interest would be met with normative approach but not less scientific.

Hyke’s individual liberty , democratic or benefits taxation , consumer based approach , institutional pluralism coupled with methodological individualism to reduce government monopoly of public choice theory got diluted to the holistic approach , client based administration , equity and liited liberty in New Public Administration.


The continuity we identify with in the two are in form of extremism in their approach . The need for de-bureaucratization propounded by Wiskanen can be also seen in line of inclination towards horizontal hierarchy in Ostrom’s. Both the phase denounced monopoly of state , where in ; clear indication was seen in PCT while tactful and camouflaged message was sent out in form of third sector paving was for other sector as well, also indicative of downsizing of government while maintaining relevance with the help of capacity building.


The change in world scenario necessitates change in form of administration. On this , Marini had provided for doing away with old laws and meeting the new aspiration. As such government administration in context will try to maintain its relevance, then seen in the form of NPM, a neoliberal approach that will have the element of both its predecessor and try to promote competition between private and government itself.



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