Extradition Treaties

Extradition Treaties define an offence as an extraditable offence if it is punishable under the laws in both the Contracting States by imprisonment for a period of at least one year.

India has Extradition Treaties in operation with 37 countries:

Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, Bulgaria,
Hong Kong,
Republic of Korea, Kuwait,
Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia,
Nepal, Netherlands,
Poland, Portugal,
Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland,
Tajikistan, Turkey, Tunisia,
UK, USA, Uzbekistan, UAE, Ukraine
and Vietnam.

In 2013, India extradited five criminals – four to USA for murder, intimidation, fraud, child rape & sexual abuse and one to UK for kidnapping and false imprisonment. Three criminals were extradited to India from UAE on charges of criminal conspiracy and terrorism.

In 2012, India extradited three criminals – one to USA for immigration fraud, and two to Australia for murder and rape. Two criminals were extradited to India – one each from Germany and Saudi Arabia both for criminal conspiracy

In 2011, India extradited seven criminals – four to USA for offences of murder, financial/bank fraud, one to Croatia for drug related offences, one to Germany for murder and one to Australia for rape. One criminal was extradited to India from Peru for drug related offences, theft and fraud.

Minister of State in the Ministry of External Affairs Shrimati Preneet Kaur said in reply to a question in Lok Sabha. 12 Feb 2014


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