Inter State Council

Pravir Kumar was appointed as the Secy to the Inter State Council. sept 2015.

1983 : Sarkaria Commission on 1983-*87 recommended for setting up for a permanent ISC under art.263 and be called the InterGovtal Council.
1990 : VP Singh govt (Janata Dal) estbd the ISC.

Consitsing of :

PM as Chairman
CM of all States
CM of UT with LA
Admins of UTs with no LA
Governor of State under PR
6 Central Cabinets ; including the Home to be nominated by PM.

Article 263 : Provision with respect to Inter – State Council :
To inquire and advise upon dispute b/n state and states and Union and state or states on common interest. disputes
It shall be lawful for the President by order to establish such a Council , and to define the nature of the duties to be preformed by it and its organisation and procedure.

1. Once the govt realizes that an issue [particulars] cannot be resolved through arbitration or negotiation then it becomes mandatory to institute such Tribunal.
In lack of such initiative a mandamus can be issued by Court under Art. 32.

  1. On 263, The council’s function is only complementary to the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction under art. 131 to decide the legal controversies between governments.

Councils so far :
Central Council of Health, CC of Local Gov and Urban Development and 4 regional for Sales Tax for the NORTHERN< EASTERN<WESTERN<SOUTHERN.



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