Has tackling unemployment taken a backseat?

Has tackling unemployment taken a backseat? http://theindianeconomist.com/tackling-unemployment-backseat/

The current rate of unemployment is five percent which was 4.9 percent in 2013 and 3.8 percent in 2011. Data revealed that the highest unemployment rate was 5.2 % among the people of the OBC category.
National Skill development corporation (NSDC) currently has only 290 training partners with 4,526 training centres. Out of the 92 lakh, people trained, around 36 lakh people or about 39 % of the people have been placed.

According to a report by Ernst and Young, multiple pointers indicate serious gaps between the output of skill development institutions and industry requirements. Out of around 0.4 million engineering students graduating every year in India, only 20% are readily employable. By 2020, the country is expected to face a shortage of 13 million medium-skilled workers, posing a big problem to labour-intensive sectors.


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