Navy Wives Welfare Association Diwas

Navy Wives Welfare Association (NWWA), celebrated the 31st NWWA Diwas with great zeal and enthusiasm at Delhi on 14th Feb 2017.
The event was attended by over 400 NWWA members.
The theme of the event being : “health and fitness everyone grooved to the beat of Zumba.”
There was a yoga session also to promote spiritual well being.
Everyone including President NWWA participated with great enthusiasm in both events proudly sporting their smart costumes with the new NWWA logo.
An interesting quiz on the history of NWWA and the Indian Navy got a good response from the crowd.
A fun filled game was organised for the helpers too. Mrs Reena Lanba, President NWWA, while addressing the ladies reiterated the importance of health and fitness amongst the ladies.
She also highlighted the various initiatives taken by NWWA to empower the Navy wives. Like the Early child education and Train the trainer courses from TISS and upcoming ones under skill India and a tie up with the reputed design institute NIFT.


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