New Format for Reporting Accidents

Kirti Saxena  stated that the main role would be that of the police for whom workshops would have to be held.

After a series of deliberations the committee has developed a uniform accident Recording Format to be adopted by the police in all states and UTs.

The accident Recording Form has five sections designed to capture all relevant information like

  • accident identification/location,
  • road condition,
  • vehicles involved and
  • victim details.
  1. Section A contains accident identification details like location, vehicle type etc.
  2. Section B captures road conditions and features like culvert, gradient, pothole etc.
  3. Section C would capture details about vehicle – both motorized and non motorized, overloading etc.
  4. Section D would capture traffic violations by drivers and
  5. Section E would capture details about persons other than drivers involved in the accident.

The form is simple and would be easy for the police persons at thana levels to understand and fill up. It also minimizes subjective elements.


This development is important as the data forms the basis for analyzing the cause of accidents, identifying black spots  and taking corrective steps to eliminate the same.

This is also the data that gets compiled by the Transport Research Wing of the Ministry in its annual publication Road Accidents in India.

Over a period of time the data will reveal patterns which will provide solutions and enable action to be taken.


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