Election Day @Manipur, INDIA

Yesterday on the 04th of March 2017, we all (80% turn out prelim for valley region) went to cast our votes.

This will result in formation of a government recycled/new in the State by 17th of March 2017 for a term of 5 years.

Presently it is being held by a party Indian National Congress for the past 15 years (by the end of term) ; 3 consecutive terms. The challenge faced by it is the mood of change in the form of the main opposition party B.J.P., which is also the party forming the government at the Union/Center (Much like Federal Government but with greater power in terms of political-admin-economic perspective than a textbook Federation).


This is the smoking-gun of my franchise.

[This ink will only disappear as the old skin cells die and get replaced by a new one.

Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited is a company located in the city of Mysore, India. The only company in India authorised to produce the indelible ink, which is used in the elections to prevent people from voting multiple times. : wiki]

On Non-Voters

While I have heard of places like Australia or Singapore where it is compulsory to enroll and vote for the eligible persons. Our Government of India enrolls and updates yearly its population data and the elector roll, and the decision whether one should vote or not  is left to the electors 18+, after due diligent affirmative tasks of education and promotion.

At times I have across people who speak of staying away from politics and then choose not to vote or stay passively neutral, by not voting.

To me, I think they already voted for the party they would not have voted had had they exercised their franchise. So go vote!! 🙂

Democracy is a topic I would not mind eat and dream of anytime, but lets just call it wrap by saying I am delighted my country practices democracy where we are heard, occasionally so loud at times. So, I attended this ceremony and felt too proud of it. 😀

The results will be announced as exit poll on the 9th and officially on the 11th. The recycled/new government shall enter office by 17/18th of this months for the next Five good years.

some random pics from the day


  • A politcal party flag in middle of our community pond.


  • At @moirang 1 hour drive away from my place [which finds mention in history second word war]



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