GHG Bulletin: Love-Hate rel. of Us and Carbons : My thoughts,

Came across this report of WMO in GHG Bulletin saying CO2 emission reached a record high, last last year.

400 parts per million.

We got ideas to solve the persistent accumulation of excessive CO2 in atmosphere, no doubt, but they are known to have a life cycle of 50 – 200 years! of all the most notable GHGs.

So even if we put the brake incrementally {no halt} the wounds are too fresh for the 4.3 billion years old mother, Earth. {relativity}

It began with the universe and then its studies, which was {also} done in cyclic form with oscillating theory. And am forced now to think of CO2 so.


Only difference is Universe was creating us matters, and we are generating problems for all of us living beings.

While we used carbon based energy from underneath our feet, it is not being replenished on time. So whats going underneath us?

My answer: Landmass! {submersion} and with it Us all {in time be patient}.

Iceland is pumping them CO2 underground. [Notice the dominatrix Cycle? lol ]

I suppose that’s the reason why Hawking, S says {assumption} leave-earth just some hours ago.

My conclusion is,  using carbon based fuel {read:excess} is double edged.

Earth underneath becomes hollow, energy crisis awaits and on other hand the thick warm blanket of atmosphere suppressing heat and life.{read:metamorphosis}

Perhaps then leaving out Carbon based fuel from our equation in our dying future is also like two-timing Aesthetic and Worldly.

{so understand, generating excess CO2 is its like that joke on net : B. Lee too fast he runs across earth and punches self on the back of his head.}

Not only energy will be continually used by our human civilization, we will also stop hurting ourselves. The most important, First step! is not kid ourselves by making it sound like it was always the matter of saving Earth. That’s cause it has its own cycle, which is to be a fuel of the sun {our sun} in about 3.5 billions from now. {give or take few millions}.



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