myReadlist : “The Metamorphosis” by Frank Kafka, and trying to make sense out of it.

Half way through,

And I am thinking…is he indulging self in a self gratification?

That when he stopped moving how the world around him would as well?

Thinking he was the only one to be understood, after all?

The First few page gave me the sense he was a lazy bum who wouldn’t mind shifting goal posts because it became inconvenient.



Are humans too small for their dreams?



That understanding, cooperation and coordination had to be learnt forcefully at a price.

Whether was Gregor real or not, the lesson is taught everywhere any-possible-ways.

And so I suppose the choice of learning and making that change is up to us.

This is what I take away from “the metamorphosis”.

Chew me. More.


It has been about 18+ hours approx. since I read this, yet my mind is still consumed.

So, now I think Gregor character actually died due to the exhaustion from the work. And so strong was his desire to overcome the burden of debt which had to cleared, feeling obliged to send sister to violin class and lead a life any normal man wishes to, it started to spill since he was not contained in a life anymore.

And all the commotion in the house was the famuiy trying to cope with the emptiness and new roles that had to be exchanged in his absence, and it had to come with that acceptance and change.

Gregor’s Sister, the youngest was closest to the truth and adept to accepting pain.

His Mother cared and hoped for otherwise than as story unfolds.

His Father, just being a father.

They overcame. And their joy did reached me.



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