Reading ‘W o m e n’ in India since ~ 3000 B.C.E.

The idea of inequality between the men and the women became clear, I think, around 3000 – 2900 B.C.E. during the Later Vedic Age.

As during this time Kingship, which was earlier elected by Samiti: “National Assembly”, became hereditary, and another organisation of elders:Β Sabha whose approval a King strove for was becoming exclusively for male.

Also implying the choice of crown was male to uphold a dynasty since patriarchy normalcy was maintained by wife/ves staying [shifting] at husband’s place.

Subsequently political power sphere of women diminished both within the family and Β in public sphere.

“Aitaraya Brahamanas” states that daughter is the source of misery while son is the protector of family.

“Maitrayani Samhita” mentions of three evils: women, wine and dice.

to be continued…[rolling post #1].


This post will keep getting updated as I read on.

image is of oxford publication book name India's Ancient Past authored by R.S. Sharma


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