Reading ‘W o m e n’ in India since ~ 3000 B.C.E.

The idea of inequality between the men and the women became clear, I think, around 3000 – 2900 B.C.E. during the Later Vedic Age.

As during this time Kingship, which was earlier elected by Samiti: “National Assembly”, became hereditary, and another organisation of elders: Sabha whose approval a King strove for was becoming exclusively for male.

Also implying the choice of crown was male to uphold a dynasty since patriarchy normalcy was maintained by wife/ves staying [shifting] at husband’s place.

Subsequently political power sphere of women diminished both within the family and  in public sphere.

“Aitaraya Brahamanas” states that daughter is the source of misery while son is the protector of family.

“Maitrayani Samhita” mentions of three evils: women, wine and dice.

to be continued…[rolling post #1].


This post will keep getting updated as I read on.

image is of oxford publication book name India's Ancient Past authored by R.S. Sharma


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