#leaving on a Jet plane…

The first time I left home was about 12 good years back, I returned and then been home cozy about three years on a stretch, up till today.

So, come tomorrow I will get back into the survival mode. Again.

I need it. I need this to find myself in the greater chaos, observe from afar the missing pieces, the reasons why, find them then make my own the larger symmetry we require, walk up to it come what may, grab it firm and keep it for the rest of our prouder lives.

For now, I am shuffling through my stuffs {archived for almost every important persons who changed me} and its associated memories starts to trigger weirdness inside of me. [Like going through phone SMS from 2010]

I will miss father’s watch, home made vegetables, private vehicles,

  • photo-blogging

Photo Blogger.JPG

  • uninterrupted black tea from mother,

Mothers Black tea.JPG

  • chiming of a neck bell



  • tagging along the long drives with the power-puff ladies gang. of Sis and Co.

Myanmar 2

Our looooooooong drive into Myanmar this Sunday, 9th of July.

Myanmar 4.jpg

Me in Myanmar.jpg



Myanmar 3

Myanmar 1

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Slide -Myanmar Food

Me and one {purely vegetarian} Sis ate with our eyes while the rest of gang hogged on the meat balls. 

Three Feet away from gold I hope this was not the case as in one of the stories of Nepolean Hills’ work. As I re-enter academics detouring from the goal of administration.

And I hope these doubts lingers and keeps me awake.


#Chantal Kreviazuk  #john denver cover


The song I always have listened to whenever I am about to board a train or a flight.  

And now I sing it to myself, for the part which purrs; “am staying”.


Thank you Universe for listening to me. 

Keep your ears open cause I will keep on.

Hi 🙂


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