Recycling old habits

I used Windows 7 ultimate o.s. until three hours ago since I got it in 2014. And now I am on Lubuntu 17.10.1.

Why? I forgot the one thing I told myself a year and a half back, never let Microsoft updates creep into the system. Last update was 2016 and I had ran into serious malfunctions I could not solve or had the patience to.

So when I got it right finally, I changed the Update Installer into never check for update.

Two days back, I tried a video editor. It demanded latest software, I complied blinded for a moment by the urge to chop up multimedia files, and honestly the vow slipped from my mind and I got careless. After the updates dint work (obviously) for the editor I went back to crawling into Internet ocean and got myself educated on how to make it squeak as I pleased. It squeaked.

That was a moment of getting things done I binged watch “24” serial season 2 and on multi screen uploaded around 9 youtubes files. I slept on it, content.

From dream to reality and the alarm in between I grabbed my newspaper and turned the machine on then right before my log on screen error alert pops up, something to do .dll files. It was one then another and then whole bunch of them. Access denied, passwords GONE from autofills, ONEDRIVE emptied!!!! EMPTIED!!!!!!!!

I logged into #irc, sank into the ubuntu community again and when I could’nt see my way out of the Windows itself, I shut door on it and took flight with Lubuntu [see logo].

Back to where I was.

5 years back I was here at this Geo-location for the last time; Using Ubuntu, in this University, arguing with that same guy I have never met in my life over IRC (one who  also helps me with ubuntu). Its not about the os, not about the topic of conversations with this no-face man, nor about the university.

Question is where did  I fell into this loop? And how great was it? More importantly, why?

I cant help but think of Izanagi.


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