Former Finance Minister of India’s tabular comparison of India and China


Population (2017):_______________1,324 mn______________1,410 mn

GDP USD per capita(2017)__________1,852__________________8.583

Total Labour Force (2016)__________520 mn________________785 mn

Cereal Production (tonnes)_________277 mn________________580 mn

Steel Production (tonnes) __________101 mn_______________831 mn

Merchandise export (2017)_________274 Bn_______________2,137 Bn

Literacy (percent)__________________73_____________________99

Universities in Top 100_______________0_____________________6

Foreign Exchange (reserves)________421 Bn______________3,140 Bn

Army Troops_____________________1,395,100_____________2,183,00

Navy Ships__________________________87__________________317

Air Force (aircraft)__________________809________________1,528

Medals in Summer Olympics, 2016____2_______________________70



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