Its been a fortnight…

Since the last time I wrote something for myself. Over the fortnight stuffs happened and I did some non-programmed decision making.

First off, I am delaying by two more months on my plan to start my Magazine; even as the print ready file exist by now.

Second, I dropped my Ph.D.

Third, I switched States.

Fourth, I joined a private firm.

Fifth I am writing the books on my own, without the facility phd program would have offered me..

Why drop my priced PhD.?

While waiting for the course work to start in the programme, I felt trapped for it took too long. It was almost as if I had to tore myself away from that parasytic construct growing out of control from my PhD dream. The decision was made overnight, and swift because momentarily I was packing as soon as the initial thoughts came over.

Hopping cities and The ever Welcoming service sector

I got out of that past travelling through the midnight, and by sunrise I was offered a role in a private firm. I took another 4 days to decline it and in between also got declined someplace else for overpricing myself. In the following week I joined a, specialist’s, IT sector as a Generalist and we just made a start on our symbiotic relationship.

Meeting the writer

Outside this sphere, fortunately I also got to get out of my echo chamber. Now I can talk less to myself and more to Other people. Resourceful as they come. And by sheer luck, ran into an individual who could actually breath life to my Magazine, a bright young kid for whom I am also trying, in whatever way I can, to assist <> in making a presentation at the UN.

Two of a kind

Small talks led to conversation and substances in it exposed our elements which led us to explore each other aimbitions. Taking turns to absorb. Taking time to process.

Making lives matter

I am confident. I am convinced. As long as we are willing, we will be making immeasureable progress. Not every decisions will be worth sticking to. Not everything will be needing our decisions. Test the water and Jump head first. If it matters it will be saved.







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