The day I lost my pair of scissors

On the 25th of April 2018, like the morning before, I was ready to board the metro train on my way to work, the ‘pink line’ from DD station till NSP at about 8:09 am IST. My baggage was through the security scanner and as I picked it up to head to platform, the CISF personnel seated on the UI of the XRAY device double checked on the image from the scan of my bag. I recognized it for my dear pair of scissor. 

Then the sick feel start to dawn. Why? As it happened many years ago, just like this way, that time before leaving home via flight my father had gifted me a small fold-able compact stainless steel pair of scissors. To keep it handy I chose to keep it in my pouch which was left in Carry Bag (Flight mode). The same security layer (CISF) stationed at boarding gate frisked me and content of my pouch looking for that one objectionable  stuff they were targeting from the Xray imagery. I had to open the pouch for them as they picked it out and dumped it in a bin along with other similar item from other similar co-passengers.

So this time as well, I knew something with similar outcome was going to take place. The scissor was in the bag at the first place because I spent the weekend at cousins. So I took my utilities. Note: Meaning it was in the same bag the entire time till Wednesday, and also on Monday and Tuesday while using metro train to work. 

Only that day it was less crowded. 

I called 011-2218-5555 Delhi Metro Security helpline, they offered no solution. After walking up and down the station peripherals looking for a place to drop it, I wrapped it with my breakfast packaging and left it in ‘open’ space, so I could pick it up on my way back. right

Later, inside the train I started to ‘actually hear’ the routine repeated relay broadcast which went something like “Passengers are requested to please cooperate with the Delhi Metro security checks…” and I thought …”okay”.


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