Excerpt from, "STEPHEN COVEY : THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE "...An idea of the reality -- and the impact -- of these principles can be captured in another paradigm-shifting experience as told by Frank Kock in Proceedings, the magazine of the Naval Institute... Two battleships assigned to the training squadron had been at … Continue reading GUESS THE REPLY…

The day I lost my pair of scissors

On the 25th of April 2018, like the morning before, I was ready to board the metro train on my way to work, the 'pink line' from DD station till NSP at about 8:09 am IST. My baggage was through the security scanner and as I picked it up to head to platform, the CISF … Continue reading The day I lost my pair of scissors

Its been a fortnight…

Since the last time I wrote something for myself. Over the fortnight stuffs happened and I did some non-programmed decision making. First off, I am delaying by two more months on my plan to start my Magazine; even as the print ready file exist by now. Second, I dropped my Ph.D. Third, I switched States. … Continue reading Its been a fortnight…

On Nationalism #2

There is only one history-the history of man. All national histories are merely chapters in the larger one. Rabindranath Tagore

Your time at the Taj Mahal will be regulated

Like I mentioned in the previous post 1st April signifies a beginning, and represents a frame of reference to start a new (in this land). Perhaps in that spirit, the Archaeological Survey of India (responsible for maintenance of historical monuments in India)  will be regulating the time of visit to the Taj Mahal starting this … Continue reading Your time at the Taj Mahal will be regulated

A request from a fellow being not close by – listen.. this. Spoiler : Drops at 00:38 Lyrics on Genius dot com [Verse 1] So full of desperation I can barely stand the rotation I can hardly start to speak, I'm weak I feel the past in my voice But dream I'm naked and alone (all alone) I'm feeling weak {Chorus] What have we- What … Continue reading A request from a fellow being not close by – listen..

On Nationalism

The 7th of December 2017, traveling via train for close to 50 hours, I was in IITGuwahati taking an entrance test for admission to its Ph.D program. After the screening with the written phase, me and 5 others were put through interview round. The day before and the weeks before it as well I had … Continue reading On Nationalism

Recycling old habits

I used Windows 7 ultimate o.s. until three hours ago since I got it in 2014. And now I am on Lubuntu 17.10.1. Why? I forgot the one thing I told myself a year and a half back, never let Microsoft updates creep into the system. Last update was 2016 and I had ran into … Continue reading Recycling old habits

1st April is ….the start of India’s Fiscal (Calendar) year.

In one of the Public Enterprise classes, Asst.Prof. Ramachandra from Osmania University made a light-hearted comment on how our Fiscal year starts on April fools day. =The height of coincidence.= There is nothing to it, its a date. A convenient one. The message is, India Fiscal Calendar starts 1st April of a year and ends … Continue reading 1st April is ….the start of India’s Fiscal (Calendar) year.